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Unfortunately, I couldn't finish it (my fault - you'll see why) but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to the finished game. I hope you enjoy my video x 

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awesome dont worry about finishing it im uploading a new updated beta with check point thanks for trying and all the suggestions ull be in the credits :)

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You may have won the Battle, but I will win the WAR!

All jokes side you did a great job, the jump scare made my face cam fall and the game is fun. 1 thing that I was having trouble with was finding the switches and exit but that's partly my fault. I hope you will like my playthrough of the game! ;D

excellent playthrough and you have a place in the credits for helping me with it im in the process of exporting a second beta with checkpoints and a few upgrades will add your suggestions too thanks again please support pocketpat without grt content creators indie dev would be so much tougher to do

I liked it bro! It took me quite some time to finish it though :P 

Here's my playthrough of the game : 

Check the description for a lot of links to my channels and social media
and also links to the dev. his channels. 

Thank you for watching (let me know what you though of the video) and have yourself a AWESOME day!


totally awesome playthrough and a mountain of good comments in the playthrough thanks a million please check out letsplaywithperry on twitch and youtube, message him on twitter let him know what you thought of his playthrough and if you have made a game ud like him to try

Loved it! Gave me sweats and chills at times 

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awesome playthrough trickster512 flawless victory, thanks for supporting a small dev, ill keep working on it, do subb to trickster on YT and follow on twitch, thanks again.